that will not let you go and a passion that will always be with you.

Imagine a world where everyone is nice to each other simply because we are doing what we are born to do.

Join the movement by being someone who uses their gift and passion to make a difference.


Turn your Passion into your Profession

It’s Time Program

You believe that you are much more than who you are right now, and you are ready to make the commitment to identify your passion and make it your way of life.

Our It’s Time Program is a three-step program designed to turn your passion into your side-hustle and turn your side-hustle into your profession.

Step 1.

Attend our free interactive workshop to discover your passion, it’s meaning and purpose.

Step 2.

Begin our program where we give your passion direction. You will also get the opportunity to better understand the specific entrepreneurial environments that you thrive in along with keeping you focused on the things that really matter.

Step 3. 

You will become a passion to profession member, this means that you will always have someone in your corner. As a member you will be connected to like-minded professionals, have access to resources support and mentorship that will keep you going.